ICT and Advice


SPIN, availing itself of highly qualified professional figures, provides advanced consultancy services with the aim of: supporting companies, especially SMEs, in development and innovation processes; develop business innovation potential; to support them in the implementation of internationalization strategies; identify the needs of technological and organizational innovation; know the state of technological art and verify the technical and economic feasibility of a research project; provide support in participating in national and international calls for proposals and programs in the field of innovation and RTD.

In order to guarantee its partners significant competitive advantages, SPIN provides services such as:

  • Consultancy on facilitated finance for research, innovation and business development;
  • Technical assistance for the implementation of local development programs;
  • Information services on EU issues and on the opportunities of the single European market;
  • Consulting services for the presentation and management of European projects;
  • IT consulting;
  • Support services for companies to encourage their participation in consultations promoted by the EU.

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