Funding for SIMEST internationalization: participation in trade fairs and exhibitions and system missions

Simest supports the participation of PMI having their registered office in Italy, also in the form of a “Subject Network”, in trade fairs, exhibitions and system missions to promote their business on new international markets with a subsidized loan for expenses per exhibition area , logistics costs, promotional costs and consultancy costs related to participation in trade fairs / exhibitions in non-EU countries, including system missions promoted by MISE and MAECI and organized by ICE – Agenzia, Confindustria and other institutions and trade associations.

The loan can cover up to 100% of the budgeted expenses and can be granted for an amount not exceeding that allowed by the application of the Community “de minimis” legislation and within the limit of exposure to the Fund 394 (35% of the average revenues of the ‘last two years). In any case, the loan cannot exceed the limit of 15% of the turnover of the last financial year. The maximum amount that can be financed is € 150,000 for a duration of the loan of 4 years, of which 12 months of pre-amortization. Companies operating in the sectors of activity excluded pursuant to art. 1 of EU regulation no. 1407/2013. Participation in trade fairs in all non-EU countries is supported. The company can request up to 40% of the non-repayable loan, up to the limit of 100 thousand euros. A fixed interest rate is applied to the remaining portion for the entire duration of the loan and is equal to 10% of the reference rate pursuant to Community legislation.

The company can submit multiple applications for funding and each individual application must relate to a single initiative in a single country. The application must be submitted before the date scheduled for the start of the fair / exhibition.

The costs eligible for funding are:

  • registration costs with related compulsory fixed fees and rights;
  • expenses for exhibition area;
  • logistic expenses;
  • promotional expenses;
  • expenses for consultancy related to participation in the fair / exhibition.

More info are available in the dedicated section of the Simest portal.