Financing for SIMEST internationalization: capitalization

SIMEST supports the capital solidity of companies to stimulate their international competitiveness. The loan is dedicated to Italian SMEs, set up in the form of joint stock companies, which in the last three years have achieved at least 35% of their turnover abroad.
The loan is aimed at improving or maintaining the level of capital solidity (ratio of shareholders’ equity / net fixed assets) at the time of the loan request (“entry level”) with respect to a predetermined “threshold level”.Companies with “entry level” equal to or above the “threshold level” can access a guarantee reduction.
The maximum amount of the loan is € 800,000.00, calculated within the limit of 40% of the net assets of the applicant company. The duration of the loan is 6 years, of which 2 for pre-amortization.
The duration of the loan is 6 years, of which 2 for pre-amortization.
The disbursement of 100% of the loan granted takes place in a single tranche, and is carried out within 30 days from the date of completion or from the date of fulfillment of any conditions precedent (including, where applicable, the delivery of the guarantee).
Among the extraordinary measures there is the possibility of requesting exemption from guarantees for the whole of 2020, lthe possibility of obtaining up to 40% of the loan (within the limit of 100 thousand euros) as a grant, and the reimbursement of the remaining portion at a subsidized rate. equal to 10% of the EU reference rate in case of improvement or maintenance of the level of capital solidity

More information is available in the dedicated section of the Simest portal.