Funding for SIMEST internationalization: technical assistance programs

Simest proposes to all Italian companies having their registered office in Italy, in single form or subject network, a financing program for the training of staff on site in investment initiatives in non-EU countries. The training must be carried out after the investment has been made, which must not be earlier than 6 months from the date of submission of the application. The initiatives that can be financed are the expenses related to the training / training of on-site personnel as part of technical assistance programs linked to Italian investments in non-EU countries.

The program provides for a subsidized rate financing program for personnel, travel, accommodation and consultancy expenses incurred for the start-up of a training program for operating personnel abroad. The loan can cover up to 100% of the budgeted expenses, up to 15% of the average revenues of the last two years. The maximum amount that can be financed is € 300,000 and the loan has a duration of 4 years, of which 12 months of pre-amortization.

More information is available in the specific section of the Simest portal.