Funding for SIMEST internationalization: integration programs in non-EU markets

Simest facilitates the entry into the new markets of Italian companies having their registered office in Italy, in single form or subject network by financing the construction of commercial structures. In particular, it facilitates the launch and dissemination of new products and services or the acquisition of new markets for existing products and services, through the use of permanent structures.

The instrument prepared is a subsidized rate loan for the expenses for the construction of an office, show room, shop or corner or after-sales service center in a non-EU country and related promotional activities. The maximum amount that can be financed can reach 100% of the budgeted total and cannot exceed 25% of the average turnover of the last two years, from a minimum of 50 thousand euros up to 4 million euros.

In the event of multiple applications for financing from the resources of the Fund 394/81 and the share of the resources of the Fund for Sustainable Growth (when envisaged), the maximum exposure of the company cannot exceed 35% of the average revenues of the last two financial statements of the company itself approved and filed. The loan has a duration of 6 years, of which 2 for pre-amortization.

The program must concern goods and / or services produced in Italy – or in any case distributed under the brand of Italian companies – and favors access to all non-EU countries. Each application for funding must relate to a program that must be carried out in a single country of destination and two target countries for development in the same geographical area (countries in which only expenses for promotional activities and related travels of personnel carrying out their activities in via exclusive abroad); without prejudice to the aforementioned limits, the company may submit multiple loan applications.

The expenses eligible for funding, which must be entered in the “program sheet” are:

  • operating expenses of the structure (premises, set-up, personnel, etc.).
  • expenses for promotional activities, training, consultancy, other promotional expenses, recognizable portion as a lump sum – maximum 20% of the expenses of Classes 1 and 2, incurred and reported

As part of promotional expenses, expenses for participation in international fairs / exhibitions, expenses related to incoming buyers in Italy, expenses for the filing of trademarks or other forms of protection of the made in Italy and expenses for Internet sites can be supported in the EU area, as long as they are linked to the implementation of the program presented.

In the case of business programs already present with their own structure in the destination country, the following are eligible for financing:

  • additional staff;
  • lease / purchase and additional personnel regarding: a new structure in addition to the existing one, but of a different type; a new structure to replace the existing one, of the same type.

On the other hand, the costs of setting up and managing the structures, the travel of personnel operating exclusively abroad and promotional expenses are admitted in full.

More info are available in the section dedicated to the program of the Simest portal.