Technology Transfer


Small and medium-sized businesses are now competing in a global context. To adapt to the needs of the changed economic scenario and to acquire important competitive advantages, investments in innovation and technology become an essential element. Only through an evolution of business models, product offerings and go-to-market strategies is it possible to successfully enter international markets. SPIN, a company with a long experience in the innovation and technology transfer sector, offers its customers the skills in the sector, to provide advanced services such as:

  • Support services for SMEs for the development of new products or processes and for the implementation and improvement of internationalization strategies;
  • Support services for participation in b2b events and missions and for the identification of commercial partners company
  • Check-ups; audit and technology assessment services;
  • Brokerage services for participation in brokerage event and company mission and the conclusion of technology transfer agreements.
  • Support for the identification of national and international partners interested in using, implementing or providing know-how and innovative technologies;
  • Assistance for the processing and dissemination of technology requests / offers, for participation in partnership events, for the negotiation of technology transfer agreements;
  • Preparation of RTD projects, business development plans and business plans;
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of investments in R&TD;
  • Preparation of project proposals;
  • Support for the coordination and management of R&D projects;
  • Assistance in the dissemination and dissemination phases of the results of RS&T projects;
  • Technology brokerage services; assistance in the negotiation of technology transfer agreements;

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