SPIN – Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer srl is established to network some entrepreneurial initiatives started, through spin-off processes, by researchers and technicians who have gained significant experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), within Calabrian Research Centers (CRAI, CNR).

In recent years, using highly qualified personnel, SPIN has made its skills available to companies, research groups and public administrations, providing advanced services in the areas of technology transfer, protection and enhancement of intellectual property, and consultancy to businesses, information services, local development and training. An almost twenty-year experience, grafted synergistically into the wealth of knowledge acquired by SPIN members during their previous journeys, has made the Consortium leader, in Calabria, in the business services sector and in the PA.

SPIN, since 2008, is partner of Enterprise Europe Network, the largest network in the world to support SMEs, created to support companies in developing their economic and innovative potential in an international dimension. The network offers free and advanced services to support competitiveness, research, innovation and internationalization, access to European funding for small and medium-sized enterprises and research centers.