Digitalization 4.0 for Cable&Wire

How innovations allow you to get the most of your manufacturing


Clobbi is an intelligent software platform with built-in industry knowledge for Cable & Wire.
It creates solutions within the Industry 4.0 paradigm.
Clobbi’s end-to-end solution covers all stages of manufacturing.

Clobbi solutions for Cable&Wire are:

–        CableDesigner (R&D, Cost&Price&Quotation) is a solution for product and production engineering design and setting time norms for machines and personnexl with quotation functionality;
–        SmartFactory (MRP, APS/MES, AI) is a solution for optimal production planning and manufacturing execution with automated event response;
–        DigitalTwins (IIoT, VR/AR) is a solution for machines and people integration, 3D production simulation and modelling and production online monitoring, alerting and reporting;
–        CableEAM (RCM, Predictive maintenance) is a solution for equipment Field Service Management and real-time equipment monitoring using reliability-centered maintenance approach.

Depending on the solution(s) implemented, Clobbi Customers report the following:

–        Up to 20% increase in output volume;
–        Up to 50% shorter Time-2-Market;
–        Up to 30% higher the Overall Equipment Effectiveness;
–        Up to 2 times less Total Machine Downtime;
–        Up to 40% reduction of maintenance costs;
–        Up to 95% increase in Customer service level;

The solution connects people, equipment and data in a single ecosystem, it guarantees stable quality of products, it facilitates production management and making real-time decisions.

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