Green bioplastic produced with milk leftovers


SPlastica is a University spin-off that has developed and patented green plastic produced with milk leftovers.

It allows the production of new 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastic materials, based on natural polymers, made from milk leftovers using an eco-sustainable synthesis.
It has received several awards for innovation such as First prize at ‘Start Cup Lazio 2018’, First prize at the national BioInItaly Investment Roadshow, Special Prize for the women business at the PNI 2018.

The method of production of the plastic has characteristics of high hardness and thermal stability in a wide range of temperatures, characteristics often lacking in the bioplastics currently on the market. It is compostable in just two months and dissolves in bacteriologically impure water. The produced plastic does not contain artificial plasticizers and the use of organic solvents in the reaction has also been carefully avoided.

The main advantages of this bioplastic are:

  • It is obtained from waste material: the idea is to create the most sustainable synthesis possible by exploiting the part of the non-edible milk, but also the expired one, to transform a waste into a resource in a circular economy perspective;
  • compared to other bioplastics obtained from raw materials such as corn and potatoes, milk is not a seasonal product;
  • it does not provide for the exploitation of arable land and reduces a cost item in the production process, that of waste disposal. The cost of the waste material is extremely low and this consequently makes it possible to have products with relatively low costs.

Looking for:

Academies and industrial partners interested in testing and eventually producing and commercializing this kind of material. The company will license the right of use of the patent and it will provide technical assistance to companies for the industrialization of milk bioplastic-made objects.
Partners interested are milk companies, interested in waste disposal and in offering an ecological and biodegradable packaging.
They will also be able to take advantage of a real path of support that leads to the replacement of traditional plastic with bioplastics

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