Business Simulations for educational activity- 23 September, 11:30 CEST

SPIN – Ricerca Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico together with Artémat will organize a Company Mission on Business Simulations for educational activity

This Virtual Company Mission is an opportunity for companies working in the EdTech sectors and for Universities and Business Schools to know more about the opportunities offered by Business Simulations tools in these sectors and have 1:1 meetings to find partners.

Business Simulations allow to engage students through innovative and creative educational activities, stimulating and boosting their technical and soft skills.
Artémat supports Universities and Business Schools for the design of the Business Simulations activities: the choice of the most suitable simulation scenario (at catalog) with respect to the client needs, timing of the rounds, handbook and composition of the teams.

Business Simulations can be integrated into university or business school courses, matching the programme topics.

Benefits for Students:

  • The Business Simulations are simple and engaging;
  • “Competition” among virtual companies;
  • The learning experience is more effective and 
involving than traditional teaching alone;
  • To enrich the Curriculum Vitae;
  • The students can analyze the simulation results 
on the basis of decisions taken;
  • To face the changing economic scenarios and 
develop flexibility;
  • To learn different and complex concepts 
(finance, economic reports, problem solving, 
management, etc.) in an easy and involving way;
  • To learn about group dynamics;
  • It is a user-friendly web-based tool.

Benefits for Educators:

  • Integration of learning by doing and learning by playing with more traditional lessons;
  • Unconventional and innovative educational activities;
  • To stimulate, boost and develop the technical and soft skills of the students;
  • The Business Simulation is characterized by a logical cycle: evaluation – decision making – evaluation;
  • It is possible to show and explain different business concepts (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Market Value, Intangible Value, Strategy, Finance, etc.) in an engaging format;
  • Team working;
  • Customizable and flexible tool;
  • It is a user-friendly web-based tool.

The company mission will include:

  • Company presentation
  • Digital matchmaking, 1:1 business meetings with Company Mission participants. (Matchmaking session from 3 pm to 6 pm CET)

Artémat is looking for Universities and Business Schools interested in integrating Business Simulation into their courses.

Co Organizers

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