CARMINE DONATO. Engineer with twenty years of experience in developing action plans for companies, with particular regard to innovation and technology transfer, and in the field of local development, with technical assistance activities for companies, research groups and Public Administrations. He has gained significant experience in understanding the Calabrian business system and their need for innovation and technology transfer demand. In particular, he is an expert in technological audit and evaluation of the competitiveness factors of companies. He has participated in several transnational projects in the field of innovation and technology transfer.

SERGIO SCRIVANO. Engineer, he has been working for about 40 years in the field of information and communication technologies and in the field of innovation and technology transfer. He has participated in numerous computerization projects for companies and public administrations and for research and development of new IT products and advanced services. He has worked as an employee or consultant for research centers, science and technology parks, companies and public administrations. He was an adjunct professor, from 2004 to 2010, at the University of Calabria.

LUIGI FORCINITI. Computer engineer. Expert in Object-Oriented programming languages ​​(Java, C ++, C #), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server), Markup languages ​​(HTML, XML, XHTML). He has gained excellent experience in the development of WEB applications and RESTful Web Services, thanks to the back-end use of the Spring framework (Spring MVC, Spring Boot) and front-end of server-based technologies such as (JSF-Primefaces, Vaadin) and client based (JQuery), and in the management and manipulation of data using ORMs (Object-Relational Mapping) as (Hibernate, Spring JPA). Development of native Mobile applications (Android)

GIANPAOLO SCRIVANO. Law degree. Expert in the field of commercial law and European Union law. His main scientific interests include: intellectual property, antitrust law, IT law, new media law and privacy protection. During his training, alongside the legal ones, he acquired knowledge in the economic field, which allowed him to reach a high level of competence in relation to the economic management of intellectual property. Expert in technical, economic and financial assistance to businesses, in preparation of start-up and business development projects, business evaluation, business planning, planning and consultancy on regional, national and European tenders.

FRANCESCO VULCANO. Computer science graduate. Expert in programming languages ​​(Java, C ++, C #, Visual Basic, PHP, PERL, Python), databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL), Markup languages ​​(HTML, XML, XHTML), desktop operating systems (MC OS, Windows , Linux), mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and development environments based on JEE, .NET and CMS PHP technology (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). He has gained an important experience around the WEB and all the technologies that govern it. Combining knowledge of programming languages ​​and various web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, has achieved a high degree of competence and ability to manage all kinds of IT systems (Web Server, Portals and Web Sites, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications for Android systems, iOS, Windows Phone, Web Applications).

MANUELA FASANO.  PR and business development manager. She is a results-oriented Business Development & Account Manager with extensive hands-on experience acquired within top-tier organisations. Collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders, associations, authorities and clients on an international level. Formative in matrix organisations, developed markets and highly regulated industries. Works well in a team and often emerges as a leader.

ANTONIO SCORNAIENCHI. Degree in Political Science and International Relations, has academic and working experience abroad.
He has considerable practical working knowledge and academic experience in the field of marketing, communication and organization of events.
Good team player, open to other people’s ideas and perspectives.